Wednesday 30th November 2016

Nigel Price – Guitar

Ross Stanley – Hammond Organ

Matt Home – Drums

A superb evenings entertainment with a variation from the style we usually present at Pershore Jazz Club was well received by the audience and I feel that some were pleasantly surprised by what they heard.

The trio’s visit was part of a 56-day tour around the UK and I am so pleased that we were able to witness the great musicianship from all three of them.

Nigel says on his website that “he remembers the first time that he became aware of the Hammond organ, an instrument that technology has tried, but failed, to make obsolete”. It certainly has a sound all of its own and all credit to Ross for the way that he transports the organ and the large Leslie speaker to and from his gigs. A mammoth task! It was also a joy to be able to see him play it and it was a great topic of conversation with the audience. “A young Nigel checked out the jazz guitar and its history and it was inevitable that he would come across the Hammond sound at some stage. He is often bracketed with Wes Montgomery who made some of the best organ trio albums amongst other devotees. Aside from offering a consistency, or near-consistency, in terms of sound quality, the organ trio is also self-contained. It doesn’t suffer from the variable quality of instrument that can afflict a touring band that requires a piano. It’s very immediate in terms of communication between the three of us,” he says. I miss bass players but with organ and guitar it’s very easy to signal just with a twitch of an eyebrow what you intend to do. Plus when Ross is soloing he has the bass lines covered and there’s a gap in the middle begging for someone to comp, and that’s my place. I find it a really creative, sociable unit.”

It was excellent and we listened to some great tunes, Back to Back, Lover Man, Sweet Georgie, Hit the Road, Detour Ahead, All In, Who Can I Turn To, Up Jumped Spring, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Dreamsville and Blue Genes which is the first track on their latest CD called Heads & Tales Volume 2.

I am so glad that we introduced a different genre to our audience and thank Nigel, Ross & Matt for such a great evening.