Hot Fingers with Emily Campbell

Feb 27, 2019

Tom “Spats” Langham
Danny Blyth
Malcolm Sked
Emily Campbell

How do you introduce a band who need no introduction said Tony at the start of the evening and, indeed, Hot Fingers need no introduction, they are old friends of Pershore Jazz and we love them all. From the first number it was apparent that the band were, again, on very top form and there followed what appeared to be a completely new song set. There were a couple of numbers that we had heard before, The Harry Lyme Theme for instance but which was a request anyway. Blues, gospel ragtime, swing, many songs from the “golden age” but this band’s eclectic presentation also included novelty numbers as in Barnacle Bill the Sailor, vocal by Emily, or how about George Formby’s When I’m Cleaning Windows, an authentic and humorous rendering by Spats. Emily, sophisticated as ever, thrilled us with songs from Mahalia Jackson, Maisie (not Bessie) Smith, Mississippi John Hurt and Edith Piaf to name a few with the Great American Songbook featuring strongly. All this played on a variety of instruments, Spats on guitar, banjo and ukulele with vocals, Malcolm’s string bass and sousaphone providing the background beat and a few solos and Emily vocals and kazoo. Danny turned up toting clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar, mandolin and harmonica, an amazing array and then it transpired that he also owned an accordion, secret until now, so this revelation could be another first for Pershore Jazz. A wonderful evening of varied music interspersed with history and anecdotal comment which transported us away from the mundane to a world away in time where, as the song says “Don’t think about tomorrow, it don’t matter anymore”