Jeff Barnhart’s Jazz Six

Apr 25, 2018

Jeff Barnhart – piano
Trevor Whiting – reeds
Andy Woon – cornet
Tom “Spats” Langham – banjo & guitar
Tony Sharp- bass
Graham Smith – drums

Photo: Andy Fletcher

Six talented musicians who gel well together and create a band well worth listening to. The band was origionally The Pumphouse Five formed by Jeff for a gig at Watford but Graham added Tony our treasurer for the 2016 annual festival and so good they were we just had to include them in this year’s club sessions. Jeff & Anne had only arrived in the UK a couple of days before but there was no sign of jet-lag from Jeff and he played and entertained in the manner that we are accustomed to. A large audience turned up to hear the band and it was a struggle to fit everyone in – we wish we could expand the walls at times like this!

The repertoire was varied and included tunes not often heard and whether all the band knew how it went didn’t matter because they are all so good they just played. As the evening progressed we gained knowledgeable about the tunes, artists and jazz history and before we knew it the evening had come to an end. We were lucky to have an encore which extended a great evening of high quality entertainment.

We hope that Andy, who had been delayed in traffic on the journey to the club, had a better journey home and we thank all the guys for a superb night of jazz.