John Hallam’s Blue Three

Nov 29, 2017

John Hallam – clarinet aka Kenny Davern
Keith Nichols – piano aka Dick Wellstood
Graham Smith – drums aka Bobby Rosengarden

A superb night with a full house for this session to hear three professional musicians playing the music in the style of the original “Blue Three”. John was inspired to recreate this trio following in the footsteps of Kenny Davern, Dick Wellstood and Bobby Rosengarden. With this new band John’s intention is not to copy their recordings but to perform in their style. John naturally chose Keith for the piano chair and persuaded Graham to fill the drum seat. An added bonus was that Keith had already performed with all three of the Blue Three individually and was able to relate firsthand to the audience his experience of them in a factual and light-hearted manner.

The trio achieved this with much acclaim and more. The carefully thought out programme provided a mix of melodies that enabled the ensemble to demonstrate their musical understanding, talent and exceptional team work. Not only did they gel musically but they were able to entertain with humorous comments and tales.

Special thanks to the team at Vale Pianos for allowing us to hire one of their excellent Kawai pianos for the evening as this certainly added to the trio’s performance.

Thank you to John for his inspiration, arrangements and for the time he devoted to making the evening happen.

Comments received at the end of the evening were “marvellous evening” – “different and very entertaining”
“super night” – “great music, great atmosphere as always”