Old Hat Jazz Band

Oct 26, 2016

Lizy Exell leader/drums
Will Scott – reeds
Mike Soper – trumpet
Andrew Oliver – piano
Louis Thomas – bass


An outstanding session and the evening definitely goes into the “one of the best nights” in the history of our club programmes. The band performed with ease and passion and crafted some of the favourite tunes from the 20’s and 30’s and blended them with their own compositions so excellently. They are certainly very talented in what they do and achieve and they deserve much acclaim.

The band’s latest CD is called “The Sparrow” and their compositions played are all listed on this album. Throughout the evening their repertoire was well mixed with the tunes we knew with their own numbers. From their CD they played Sparrow, Eternal Sunshine, Boatyard Blues, Passion Wings, Treasure, Feverish Blues, Sancy Strut and Ledra Street Stomp which they use as their signature sign off tune.

I especially liked these numbers as they have been carefully composed and contain beautiful harmonies and differing tempos.

The favourites we listened to were Weary Blues, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Jelly Roll Blues, Muskrat Ramble, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home, Shim Me Sha Wabble by Spencer Williams.

For me the outstanding tunes were Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – it was beautiful, Boatyard Blues for its trumpet and clarinet intro and up-tempo rhythm, Treasure for the lovely harmonies, Feverish Blues as it was an excellent arrangement with varying tempos and had a bass solo played with the bow and lastly Sancy Strut a jolly tune.

The applause at the end resulted in an encore which was called Grandma Iris – a tune written by Lizy for her Grandma Iris and what a way to end our evening.

We really enjoyed the freshness that the band brings to their repertoire and indeed to their performance and they will be back again next year by popular demand.