Jul 31, 2019


Jeremy Huggett & Matt Palmer – reeds
Simon Banks – keyboard
Graham Smith – drums

Another great session for the club – Reeds-A-Plenty do not have the opportunity to play together as a band very often but when they do they certainly make the most of it! These four talented musicians made it look easy – they made it look as though the band played together every day of the week. The repertoire was varied and interesting and the solo features were superb. The band also swung like the clappers on some of the numbers. In addition to the solo features my favourite tunes of the evening were: Old Fashioned Love, Swing That Music, Wabash Blues and Precious Lord. The features we enjoyed were: Over The Rainbow with Jeremy on baritone sax and I loved the speed change towards the end of the number, Honky Tonk Train Blues a great boogie number from Simon and Si Tu Voir Ma Mere by Matt on alto sax

Thank you for playing When You & I Were Young Maggie!

The evening came to a close with a George Lewis tune – St. Philip Street Breakdown and what a fabulous way to send us all home.

Thank you to Jeremy, Matt, Simon & Graham and let’s hope we can do it all again sometime in the future.