Savannah Jazz Band

Sep 25, 2019

Brian ‘Sam’ Ellis standing in front of himself on the Pershore banner
Photos taken by Andy Fletcher


John Meehan – drums/leader
Bill Smith – cornet
Roger Myerscough – reeds
Brian “Sam” Ellis – trombone/piano
Chris Marney – banjo/guitar
Tony Pollitt – bass

A great evening of entertainment with Savannah just as we knew it would be. They are a busy popular band and currently on tour and doing some mileage!

We enjoyed listening to many well known jazz tunes all delivered in their own style and with fun. There were many super vocals from Roger, Bill and Chris and many memorable solos from various band members. Examples of these were ‘Breeze’ with a cornet and banjo intro; ‘In the Sweet By & By’ a lovely solo with Bill and Chris; ‘Si Si Rider’ vocal from Bill and excellent mouthorgan demo and ‘Creole Love Call’ a fabulous trombone and bass solo.

My favourite tunes for the evening were Oscar Peterson’s ‘Hymn to Freedom’ which was a feature for Roger with the rhythm section and Brian on keyboard, ‘Precious Lord’, ‘Trombonium’ with difficult tune breaks and definitely ‘Creole Love Call’ with Bill playing the echo off stage – really beautifully done.

The evening came to a close with the jolly tune ‘Ice Cream’ and everyone went home happy and singing this tune in their heads

Thank you to all band members for a great night and keep doing what you do so well.