Washington Whirligig

Nov 28, 2018

David Hepworth – clarinet, tenor saxophone
Wil Robinson – trumpet, flugel, vocals
Andy Bramall – guitar, banjo, vocals
Liz Hepworth – bass
Rob Cotterell – drums

A return visit for Washington Whirligig and what a night it was! They entertained a full house with their varied repertoire of tunes and vocals and drew the audience in with their enthusiastic performance. They are a slick and professional band and highly talented in what they do. We enjoyed many familiar tunes played with their own interpretation and style and also some lesser known to us too. To pick a few of my favourites:- Just Squeeze Me (which was an apt tune for Wil as he was suffering with broken ribs due to a recent argument with a horse) a beautiful tune on flugelhorn, Jeep is Jumping where Wil played both trumpet and flugel and David swopped clarinet and tenor sax, a vocal from Liz for The Gypsy Without a Song, a Fats Wallet tune and vocal from Wil for a tune called Gone which was really lovely, Rob demonstrating his talent on the drums in I’ve Got Rhythm and St Thomas, Andy’s intro on banjo with bass for Darktown Strutters Ball and the beautiful harmonies in Dream Man with David on tenor and Wil on flugel. Royal Garden Blues was their final number bringing a truly fabulous evening to a close. They all had a long journey home and Andy had an exceptionally early train to catch to London the next day. The joys of being a musician eh!
Thanks to you all for a great night – couldn’t have been better and everyone went home happy.